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Im ready for another season of F.F.

Posted on: August 19, 2010 10:32 am
I only play one fantasy game a year,,,and its Football,,,my favorite time of year.  I guess if I was a youngster again,,,,I'd know all the players names in the other sports and be playing Fantasy year round. But I dont even know the starting players to the team I grew up with in Cincinnati, todays Reds,,,but I know they are fighting for first place.

No, I have dedicated my memory and knowledge to football and all the offensive players,,,,,Im slowly learning the Defensive Players names and the positions they play,,,but I still stick to the standard format with the DST function in fantasy. Last season I had 3 team each in CBS and NFL........all six teams won their divisions and 3 went on to win championships.........1 at CBS and 2 at NFL,,,my best year yet at the CBS/ joint sites.

It has been a long process,,,as I started in 2002 and thought I knew fantasy football and how it worked,,,boy was I wrong,,,,I didnt start having real winning seasons until 2005,,,,took me 3 yrs to finally get it through my thick skull,,,,that the only way too have good and great teams is too do YOUR homework, no winning at fantasy football.........I still dont know it all,,,,but am getting better each year.

I look forward once again with my 6 teams,,,,,I have time for six,,,not 10,,,,as I also play at other fantasy sites too. Thanks for taking the time to read this..........and best of luck to all my fellow fantasy football fanatic's!!!

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Posted on: January 31, 2011 5:43 am

Im ready for another season of F.F.

Wink, well another fantasy football season has come and gone, and Ive managed to win another Championship at CBS and the; and one at Fox Sports and a bunch of Seconds at 3 other leagues. Still looking for the Undefeated season,,,missed one last year at 15-1, and this year with two 12-1 teams,,,,at ESPN; and 12-2 here at CBS.

Personally, Im getting burned out on fantasy football, it doesnt hold the same thrill it did years ago, I thought by playing more teams and winning more championships I'd be happier, Im not. 20 teams this yr, 3 Championships,,,,lol,,,,I suck! Ive tried getting into keeper leagues but nothing seems to stick and even started one 2 yrs ago,,,,,but the players come and go like a revolving door, its pathetic.

I thought maybe I'd go to Tony Holms Fantasy Sharks, but they got some strange rules their and their Shark Tank is filled with a bunch of meelee mouthed azzholes. In order to do anything at Tonys place, you have to play at least 7 or 8 yrs before you can make it too his
top of line leagues, called Great White League.  But after a hassle with the autodraft this year, I just let his lame azz league go.

Next year, Im playing at CBS again, maybe 3 teams, 3 at NFL, 2 at Yahoo, 2 at ESPN and 2 at Fox, 10 teams is all I want to deal with from now on, and no more fleaflicker, another fantasy league with a bunch of egomaniac, meelee mouthed idiots their too. I rootin for the Packers, only because the dang Steelers already have 6 trophys,,,lets get another for the Cheese Heads.  later

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