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Im ready for another season of F.F.

I only play one fantasy game a year,,,and its Football,,,my favorite time of year.  I guess if I was a youngster again,,,,I'd know all the players names in the other sports and be playing Fantasy year round. But I dont even know the starting players to the team I grew up with in Cincinnati, todays Reds,,,but I know they are fighting for first place.

No, I have dedicated my memory and knowledge to football and all the offensive players,,,,,Im slowly learning the Defensive Players names and the positions they play,,,but I still stick to the standard format with the DST function in fantasy. Last season I had 3 team each in CBS and NFL........all six teams won their divisions and 3 went on to win championships.........1 at CBS and 2 at NFL,,,my best year yet at the CBS/ joint sites.

It has been a long process,,,as I started in 2002 and thought I knew fantasy football and how it worked,,,boy was I wrong,,,,I didnt start having real winning seasons until 2005,,,,took me 3 yrs to finally get it through my thick skull,,,,that the only way too have good and great teams is too do YOUR homework, no winning at fantasy football.........I still dont know it all,,,,but am getting better each year.

I look forward once again with my 6 teams,,,,,I have time for six,,,not 10,,,,as I also play at other fantasy sites too. Thanks for taking the time to read this..........and best of luck to all my fellow fantasy football fanatic's!!!

Im the toonsman..........and Im outta hereTongue out
Posted on: October 26, 2009 2:56 am
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Its time to cut Dave Richards loose...........

Undecided, there was a time when I really put alot of stock in what Dave Richards had to say about fantasy football. He seemed knowledgeable about the game, the players, the teams, and fantasy footbal sav vy. It got to the point where I would always make sure I listen to Dave before setting my lineup.

I had just about had it with Jamey E., this fantasy sports writer not only looks strange on the internet, he's not photogenic friendly at all, but virtually has no fantasy football common sense at all, now after watching him lately on video clips with Lauren ShaHOTTay, Ive come to the conclusion, he knows far more about picking fantasy lineups than Dave ever well. Classic example..........

Today, I roll out of bed, at 7am to listen to the CBS Fantasy Show on the Internet, 7am(in live in alaska), and turn the volume up and crawl back into bed. So, Im listening to the show, and then they give Dave a chance too pipe in from his role of who owners should start according to Dave.  I got Portis and Barber on one of my teams, I decide Im going with Portis over Barber, I dont like the chance of Barber doing anything good with a broken or jammed thumb. But Dave comes on an says, I'd start Marion Barber today, he is going to have a huge game, Im thinking, could I be wrong about Portis(, Im almost ready to climb out of bed and change Portis to Barber, when the next thing I know, its like 2 and half hours later, lol, I feel asleep. Thank God I did, because once again, Dave Richards blew another call about another fantasy football player. WTG Im starting a chant.

Its time for Dave Richards to go, Its time for Dave Richards to go, Its time for Dave Richards to go, bring on ugly, non-photogenic JameyBoy. Thats my opinion, whats yours..................Im the Toonsman.................and Im OUT of here
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AHHHH, another football fantasy season is upon us

Cool,The smell of persperaton in the air, huffing and puffing(sorry guys no glue for, bodies banging into one
another, veterans still seeking more glory and Rookies hoping to make an impact. And all the wanna be writers here at
CBS Sports Community. Soon these so called football experts well be posting their knowledge on who you should draft, who
to stay away from, who the sleepers are, and who the potential flops are gonna be.

Personally, I prefer to do my own research, and guys, there is plenty info out on the net, to form your own opinions on who to
draft and who to start. Yes, you too can become your own Fantasy Guru, its called doing your homework! Whose the best running-
back? Its Matt Forte, hands down, he runs, he catches, he does it all, all AP does is run, but if Favre comes on board, AP turns into
a MONSTER again like he did his rookie season. Turner is one-dimensionable, Jackson is still injury prone and in a weak offense.

Whose the best wideout, hands down Randy Moss, then Johnson and then Fitzsgerald, why isnt Larry #1, can Kurt stay healthy all
year, can Schuab, can Brady? I'll take my chances with Brady. Gennings is top 5, Calvin, slot him at 7 or 8, and lower
if Culpepper starts.

Whose the TE? I still think its a tie between Tony and Antonio, I'd throw in Witten too, but we got to see something more from Romo, and Clark has always been a top 10, but never a consistent top 5, well see the jury is still out on him. Sleepers, I like Owens, Kevin W.,
Carlson, all I ever hear is Cooley flapping his jaws, and yet each year he manages to disappoint us again.

Kickers are a dime a dozen, choose any top 10 you'd like

Got to have a solid DST, who are they this year? the steel curtain, is still the best, jets are vastly  improved, vikes are still monsters, titans are hurtin w/o Fat Albert, the jury is still out on the Pats, and I still think the eagles have one of the best DST's. thats just a few of the top 7.

Whats this all mean??? It means this, there are lots runningbacks to pick from this year, a good supply of wr's(but only a handful of good ones) There is maybe 8 top notch QB's, and 10 good ones, and a bunch of middle of the pack QB's. TE's maybe 8 good ones, thats up from the usual 4 or 5. There is plenty kickers and only about 5 top notch dst's.

In two drafts so far this year Ive tried to stick with my formula of 2 RB's and 2WR's and each time I ended up with Schaub as my QB,  not exactly the QB I had in mind, he is still iffy when it comes to playing a whole season, but if dude can stay healthy, he has a legit shot at 4000 yrs and 30+ touchdowns, only time well tell.

Good hunting in this years drafts. This is the Toonsman...........Im OUT
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Posted on: April 12, 2009 9:34 am
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why i hate the rating system; what do you say?

 WHY??? Because its unfair, it is set up for those who started it back in 2006, they have made up all the rules, that benefit them and no one else!!!

So, in protest, the other new members, started the inflammatory remarks, the vulgar and nude avatars, and all the other crap that has ticked off all the original posters.

Of course, I was blind to all this, because one day I wanted to post a comment about an article that was written by a CBS staff member concerning my team, and as I started to make my comment, I was informed, that I would now be REQUIRED to sign in with a screenname and a password, in order to make any comments.

I couldnt believe it, OH, it ....ed me OFF! So, I elected not to join this stupid community. But as time went on, I was more ....ed, that I couldnt make any comments or posts because I wasnt a member. So, finally, I broke down and joined the POSTERS COMMUNITY. So, I'd stop in now and then and post; then I started noticing, that I saw this thing next to my name saying I was rookie, and Im thinking ROOKIE my butt, I know more about fantasy football then some of the paid staff here....Sooooooooooo

I start writing more articles, thinking that well get me up to a higher rating, now its a ego thing, I gots to be SuperStar, I gots to make up for the time I spent not joining back in 2006, but I notice, most of my articles are only getting a 75 to a 90 score, where others, are getting 100+ and yet their articles are smaller than mine,,,,,,,,,,how could that be?????

Well, tonite, I finally broke down and read all the criteria for becoming a SUPERSTAR, and I realized tonite, that I will never be a Superstar, because I will never be able to successfully maintain all FOUR CATAGORIES, play contests,write blogs, oops, I guess Im writing one now, like I wanted too......NOT!!!

Or make referrals, or invite friends, why, why would I want to subject my friends too this torture, of becoming a CBS SUPERSTAR, and what is the ultimate prize,,,,Your the only one who can see the the TROLL button.....what a crock!!!

This is the Toonstown Man............Im OUT!?!





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